Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

After a such an abominal hiatus it seems time to embark on another focus. Since my last attempt at posting on a blog I hve been focused un developing an undderstanding of Islam. While I do not have a grasp of Arabic and/or Aramaic I am able to read the plethora of English translations of relevant sources.. Tpoward that end I have read at keast 6 translations of the Koran along with portions of the Hadith a well as The Sira. What I have learned is troubling and, to be candid, has blown my socks off.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Anti-semitism. Who gets the prerogative of definition? Who determines who is included in the Semitic lineage? Israel? Seems to me, the lineal descendants of Ishmael qualify, except with the political correct permission of the Zionist Lobby. Has it come to that impasse; i.r. one political determines any and all succeeding definitions? Wassup?
Has it been this long? Yeow. We seem to have entered an era where allegations, in the rubric of freedom of speech are assumed as evidence. Prompting one to ask, Wassup? Wrap the allegation in something personally subjective and, God help the one asking for evidence. This, IMHO is the tactic of the ADL and anyone challenging the posture of Zionism. Objectively, the ADL and Zionist tactic and strategy has worked, only observe the subservient posture of our own Congress, still it doesn't mean it is right; only that it weilds power. Sigh

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

De ja vu all over again In the early 1980s, while pastoring a local church and participating in the Christian Action Council’s first “Pastor’s Protest” in front of a local abortion chamber I was confronted by was friend who chastised me for not having “thought the issue through”. At that time I considered myself “pro-life” without much real thought as to the issues and implications involved. The rebuke stung and I began to study, think, and wrestle with the issue resulting in a decision to join with those blocking the doors of abortion chambers who, at that time were mostly Roman Catholic. Since I was a Protestant pastor, my action cost me a few “friends” and generated much confusion in the minds of long-term friends. I was na├»ve in thinking that if only more Pastors got involved the local Christian communities would wake up, rise up and bring a halt to this holocaust. After ten years, scores of arrests and jail sentences, even a Federal Grand Jury I “saw the light”. Only the remnant cared; the church at large cared little. With the Federal Government’s FACE efforts and utilization of the RICOH statutes I determined, personally, to get off the sky line and wait for “another” time ( Ecclesiastes 3). Well, years have passed and recently viewing the Introductory Video of the Abortion Matrix, my mind has been stirred, afresh. What might God have in store for me? View the video and ask God to enable you to "...think without confusion, clearly..."

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing. John Hagee, Worthy Pub., 2012 Without question, John Hagee is an engaging and accomplished author. He has a wide audience in evangelical circles, most especially and I suspect, among those who might be called Christian Zionists. This is the first book of his I have read and my initial impression was, “Is he of the ‘Word of Faith’ stripe? (I don’t know.) That he is a Christian Zionist is without question. (I only mention this in terms of wondering why he had to make this so explicit throughout the book when Zionism is a political movement organized by a secular Jew with little relationship to God’s supposed promise to Israel?) Seems to me the title ought to have been: The Power of the Prophetic Blessing When Uttered By a Divinely Directed Individual. The biblical examples of such “prophetic blessings” cited were from the lips of those God the Spirit moved toward such utterances. To suggest believers today have warrant to make such declarations with the same assurance of fulfillment seems, to me, to require a leap of faith. The fact certain “prophetic utterances” were made by Mr. Hagee, his father, and a few others he cites does not establish this as a norm for believers. That we, as believers, ought to pray for our children and loved ones is a given; but to assume those prayers are on the same level as “prophetic utterances” recorded in scripture appears to be a stretch. I greatly appreciated the author’s personal testimony of answered prayer in certain instances, and that of others he relates but, none of them establish the biblical validity of a Prophetic Blessing in the era of The New Covenant. I was personally impressed with the author’s heritage and attribute same to the grace of God. His track record and that of his family line is umpteen times better than that of any biblical character which, in my mind, is concern for pause relative to the Thesis of the book. I would recommend this book as an insight into John Hagee with a word of caution as to the author’s theology on this subject. Prophetic pronouncements on the order of the biblical examples cited, in my mind, ended with the close of the Old Covenant.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now What?

Shamgar, what do you have to teach us?

Is there anything we can draw form you model?

Well, in my limited understanding let me suggest three things not original with me;

1) Shamger did what he could

2) Shamgar did what he could, where he was

#) Shamger did what he could with what he had.

This is precisely what Caesar fears. He is trapped in Bureaucratic thinking whereas the mindset of "free market folk" stymie him, hence our long-term advantage.

Shamgars: rise up, focus on long-term,fundamental particulars, oriented toward the Glory of God and the lesser minions will quake

Ron Paul and Reality

Thank God, a measure of reality has returned to the political spectrum.

But, for how long?

No longer are voters governed by our version of Pravada or Investia, known as the corporate or government lackeys. Until the statists close down the airways, a venue dedicated to alternative views of reality will plague statists til they are pressed to quelch any and all dissent.

At that point, we are pressed to admit out status as slaves, irrespective of our seeming "freedoms":. One walking in the "yard" seems free, eh?

The Internet has afforded us a measure of access and insight into "wassup".

Soon and IMO, very soon, this access will be submerged under Caesar's boot.

Than, what?