Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Intentional Discipleship

Given the nature of the Lord Jesus' imperative, "Go make Disciples..." one might reasonably conclude disciples "don't come naturally"?

In my experience, the only thing that comes "naturally" is weeds! If one desires "wheat", it must be cultivated!

So, why the paucity of NT Disciples?

Especially, disciples in the context of the New Covenant?

If, in the context of "...the aeons to come...", the church is to demonstrate to manifest glory of God..., one is temtped to inquire, "...wassup?...".

Are we simply disobedient; lazy; or fearful?

Granted, the early disciples were not paralyzed by 200o years of church history! They must have thought The Lord knew what He was commanding/expecting!

Today, we too often think, "...Lord, are you serious? Don't you see what we are facing? Give is a break!"

Small wonder our experience of Joy and Liberty is so defective and unattractive!

The lamp is under the bushel, the salt has lost it's savor; and the lump of dough remains a lump off dough, while 170 plus millions have been slaughtered by governments in this past century. Rwandas, Darfurs, and etc. abound while we sing our comfrotable "...songs of Zion with our harps on the Willow trees!...".

We seemingly comfort ourselves with our accomplishments in "missions", while our culture slithers down the sewer of history.


Disciples made a difference in that first century!

Might they not make a difference in ours?

Maybe the difference lies in the reality our genreation is made up of spectators versus participoants?


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