Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Provocative Read

The Fight Of Our Lives, Bennett & Leibsohn

To me, the authors sounded as “court historians”. I could not see where they acknowledged any errors on our part, nationally, in terms of Foreign policy.

Mercy: one might suggest we “turned right at third base” in terms of foreign policy in the late 1800s when we “enocuntererd” Spain and began our imperialistic advance, bringing democracy at the point of the gun. (Does Mao come to mind?)

From that time til today “nationalism” has been cloaked in the garb of “patriotism” such that when the national Anthem begins, the flag starts to wave, and the mantra “support our troops" is voiced rational thinking ends.

The authors are correct: Islam is a threat, be it radical or moderate.

Islam is a potent threat, in my opinion, for two chief erasons: 1) Ignorance of Islam as advanced in the Koran and the Hadiths and, 2) our Imperialistic policies masked under the Rubric of advancing democracy.

Islam is not simply a religious system.

It is a religious/political system, inseparably. As such, it cannot logically co-exist with any other religious system.

It is a different kind of “leaven”. That is, it is not a leaven of persuasion, but a leaven of force. Its tool of persuasion is the “sword”, making it philosophically incompatible with the American ethic.

Just as in the 1800s Mormonism had to bow to the American ethic in terms of polygamy, so too must Islam be “forced” to bow to the historical American commitment to religious tolerance exemplified by William Penn and others.

Bottom line: in my opinion Islam cannot agree to this.

Where does this leave us, in my opinion? In the Fight of our Lives.

As with our exclusion of religions given to Cannabalism, Polygamy, Human Sacrifice, etc. from our body politic it may be time to include Islam as a general category and those immigrants who religiously adhere to the teachings of Islam.


The authors suggest we are in “The Fight of our Lives”

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