Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day after day-horse-pucket!

Up front, I admit it: I am a political novice.

Still, after 60 plus years following high school, I have to admit every political administration has lied to me. OK, lied implies motive, which I am not privy to, certainly.

But, consciously misled seems fitting.

Promises, promises, promises on every campaign trail followed by the almost opposite of each promise.

Fool me once, my fault. Fool me umpteen times? Do not trust any Party endorsed politician!

I should have been informed of the likes of Lysander Spooner and Albert J. Nock while in high school and allowed to discriminate for myself. But, NO! Government knew what was best for me.

With the exception of maybe one or two current national politicians, whenever a politico opens his/her mouth my initial response is “horse-pucket”.

My strong suspicion being I will live to see, experience , the demise of this empire as it goes down the sewer of history.

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