Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shades of 1984

Wow! has it been that long since a posting on my part? Call me Bob van Winkle.

I haven't been asleep, though I wish that were the case: simply dormant and/or frustrated.

We are one step away from war on three fronts, as per Orwell’s plot.

Currently, we are engaged in six wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and the “global war on terror”.

Odds are, the man on the street paying the bills, hasn’t the foggiest as to the count.

Given the present state of our educational system, he/she couldn’t locate 2/3rds of the locations on a map, if asked.

Nor could a goodly number of our politicians, as history demonstrated prior to the launch on Afghanistan back in the day.

We have become a nation governed by the military/industrial complex, manipulating behind the scenes those ostensibly elected to represent us.

This is simply a new look for Junta.

We lost the republic a long time ago, proving Franklin right.

Now, what?

Reminds me of the scene in the movie Dr. Zhivago where the folk are being transported in the railroad car along with a “convict” chained to the bunk. Only the convict recognizes Freedom. The system has to chain him, whereas the rest acquiesce with the system’s dictates.

Once upon a time, those comprising the nation displayed a flag saying "Don't tread On Me". Seems to me, we have "advanced' to the place where our flag is a doormat saying "Walk on Me".

Shamgar! Where are you?

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