Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, October 10, 2011

Well, then. What Next?

Well, then: what does that mean?

Bottom line: every man does that which is right in God’s eyes!

Immediately, one expects to hear cries of “Anarchy”!

I personally find it strange when folk cry “anarchy” while at the same time holding to Romans 2:14,15 AND Common Grace.

Admittedly, Adam’s Stain is deep and pervasive.

Still, the goodness of God is such, IMO, that ADAM never completely governs creation. If such were the case, i.e. Adam’s stain completely obtained, it ought to be “hell on earth”.

Irrespective of the awfulness of sin’s impact in time, it cannot be compared with the horrors of Hell, how long those horrors obtain!

Believers are never, can never, be managed by “anarchistic” tendencies. Believers are ever and always subject to “…the law of Christ…”.

The question needing to be addressed is: how does the Law of Christ manifest itself in the life of a believer living under Mao, Benito, Adolph, Margaret, Ronald, GW. Hugo C, or whomever?

Typically, IMO, Evangelicals have trumpeted “passive submission” to authority, with the implication of servile obedience. This mind-set, IMO, only served the advance of evil, however well intentioned.

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