Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Friday, December 18, 2009


When ever I hear Copenhagen, I think of snuff. You know, the crap some folk stuff between their cheek and gum to make them look cool.

Me? It always made me want to puke!

But, hey! Every man to his own poison.

But, today, Copenhagen seems to mean open season on the pocketbook of the American taxpayer.

It's not enough our own government delights in fleecing us, now in the person of Mrs. "Stand By Her Man" seeks to open the door to everyone else.

Laslo Tokes: where are you?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Would you believe it?


BDU-you are an alarmest! Go back into your hole!

Yep...sounds like the responses of those in the 1930s to the comments of Adolph, Winston, and Neville!


Ecclesiastes 3:15. As the wisdom writer suggested millenia ago...there is nothing new under the sun! Barak, Bush, Clinton simply echo what was asserted/suggested by Xerxes, Ashereus, Nero, et al...adjusted, cosmetically for our era!

The sooner we begin to think principially, the sooner we recognize these clowns for what they say. What they "are", we leave in the hands of the One who knows the heart. For my part, in time, I am left to judge on the basis of words and conduct!

Thankfully, I am able to bring my judgments to a well-tested bar: 2 Cor. 10: 3-5 and Isaiah 8:20.

No longer drifting!



It has been months since my last post and in the intervening time frame Fascism has advanced, inexorably!

'Course, it doesn't appear as fascism.

Perish the thought!

In our instance it is our neighbor's assistance via the GUN!

By the GUN, I mean government coercion masked as "voluntarism" backed up by threat!

Again, to the typical believer, that is disguised under an appeal to Romans 13:1ff, although ignoring the implications of the New Covenant!

FWIW, I personally note believers governed by an OC understanding by the distance noted between their calves!

Shamgar! Where art thou?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Living in the midst of/among “good” people.

The “common grace” of God is evident in humanity (Psalm 145:9).

The stain of Adam’s transgression is extensive, i.e. to every aspect of our being; yet it is not manifest to the same degree in every creature.

In fact, only within a very few does it manifest itself in the totality of its horror! The impact of a Hitler and a Freud needs the evaluation of time. 6 million in the 1940s vs untold millions since the 1900s!

Most of humanity is “good”, since the Imagio Dei manifests “goodness’. Nature is not raw in tooth and claw…

This reality serves to confuse those who are not instructed in and committed to the supremacy of scripture (Isaiah 8:20 & 2 Tim. 2:15).

This confusion often leads to the endorsement and/or acceptance on the part of the believing community of individuals and/or ideologies masked behind the “goodness” of certain individuals.

Case in point: Teddy Kennedy.

His kids love him. In their eyes he was a good father. To listen to the testimonies of those in Massachusetts, everyone loved him.

But, why did they love him and at whose expense?

To the degree Sen. Kennedy “loved” his kids and friends at his own expense, his love is commendable.

To the degree his “love” was at my expense, i.e. any taxpayer, his “love” is to be abhorred.

Robin Hood is a thief, regardless of generation or garb.

When, oh when, will we wake up

Frogs: the kettle IS boiling!

Saturday, August 22, 2009



Wa happened

Of a “sudden”, times have changed, or as Lincoln so aptly suggested, “…the war came…”. Came?

9/11, IMHO was “…the point of the wedge…”. Prior to 9/11, the tyranny of Govt. was a seeming distant threat.

Post 9/11, it is an accepted reality.

But, post 9/11 Govt. is not a “threat”, but rather a security blanket. (Be advised…all a security blanket provides is ‘fabric in the nose’..”)

We are no longer the “…land of the free and the home of the brave…”.

Serfdom has a new cosmetic/new advocates, and as the frog in the boiling kettle, we are comfortable.

Animal Farm has come to pass. Some Pigs are more equal than other pigs.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The power of Words

Officially, the journey begins!

Yesterday, Jeff and Brooke officially began a journey which, in actuality began years ago.

Yesterday they sealed their commitment to one another in the presence of God and before their friends and family.

Jeff and Brooke took Vows.

For far too many folk today, Vows are words without meaning; without an associated commitment.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize and know, in the case of these two individuals, words have meaning and power. They have Vowed before God and their friends and family to love and honor one another “…til death they do part…”.

There is something in the marrow of my being which tells me, in the case of these two, their“yes” will; be “yes”, regardless.

Some words do have power.


Another holiday catches me off guard!

Since when do we need to be rewarded with a Day for simply doing what one is supposed to do?

Give me a break!

I was taught from my earliest days that living up to one's responsibilities was to be expected, not rewarded.

We reward/acknowledge the unusual demonstrations of personal responsibility.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For months I have been plagued with locating a John Stott citation on a March 18 blog.
A few moments ago, Eureka! Or, in the phrase of CCC back in the 70s, "I Found It"!

Christian Mission In The Modern World. Page 17 in the 1974 edition.

Now my mind can rest easy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Advice To Readers

“We need intimate knowledge of the past… something to set against the present, to remind us that the basic assumptions have been quite different in different periods. A man who has lived in many places is not likely to be deceived by the local errors of his native village… and is in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that pours from the press.”  C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory and Other Addresses (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, seventh edition, 1977), pp. 50-51.

 “It is a good rule, after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between,” he noted. “The only palliative is to keep the clean sea breeze of history blowing through our minds, and this can be done only by reading old books.”


Monday, April 6, 2009

An unholy hole!

The Hole In Our Gospel, Richard Stearns, Thomas Nelson.

 The President of World Vision has written a mind-gripping, heart-engaging story of the staggering need among the poor of the world.  He has also reminded us of God’s sovereign preparation of a servant to lead an organization raised up to address such needs.  

God delights in taking the least of these to confound the mighty, while at the same time enlisting the mighty to minister to the least.

It was refreshing to read this book without being subjected to manipulation via the use of guilt and pity.   The facts speak for themselves.

 Oft times we are simply staggered by the magnitude of the challenge in comparison of what little we might be able to do!   The stories relating the impact of “…a cup of water in Jesus’ name…” immediately illustrate what can be done with even the widow’s mite.

I especially appreciated the absence of a Utopian scheme.  This is not to diminish the imperative to serve, but to enable us to maintain our balance.  The poor will always be with us…to serve as a thorn in our flesh!

As I neared the end of the book I thought, “Lord, we need a Lazarus laid at the feet of each of us!”

Ministries like World Vision are far more effective than governmental programs and surely deserve our support.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Valuable Tool

Christianity In Crisis-21st Century.

Much needed tool for the believer.  I give it five stars.

Not having read the earlier edition, I did not find this current volume too large.  The bibliography, chapter notes, scripture index, and numerous mnemonic devices make it a terrific resource for personal use along as well as assisting others subjected to this sort of theologically dangerous pap.

Hanegraaff is to be commended for his perseverance in documenting in reasonable detail this material.  For over forty years now, I haven’t had the stomach to endure listening to these supposed teachers for more than a few minutes without experiencing a driving need to regurgitate.  Yet their tribe continues to increase!  Might this not be a commentary on the state of Bible teaching in our churches, along with the absence of equipping the saint to study their Bible?

For those grounded in the word of God correctly handled, the patent foolishness of these teachers is readily apparent.  Sad to say, far too many are not adequately grounded nor handling the text correctly; hence they are susceptible to the “spin” and twisting of these false teachers.  It is here the Acronyms Hanegraaff presents are so helpful.

Eliphaz the Temanite condemned Job on the basis of what Job had said: surely Hanegraaff has demonstrated a similar indictment of these false teachers.

Kudos to Hanegraaff and his team.  May their tribe increase!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love Worth The Wait

Sometime in the near future a book will appear with the above title.

The Author will be Sandy Weyeneth.

When it does, snatch it up.

It will be a terrific resource for singles trusting God for their future partner!

It is the personal chronicle of some friends of mine who believed God for their future and were willing to trust Him and His word!

By no stretcgh of the imagination am I a romantic, but this tale gripped me.  It even brought tears to my eyes!

As an FYI, it will be a terrific, pragmatic resource.

My Daily Jericho

This morning, during my devotions and reading of Israel's encounter with Jericho, the thought struck me: daily I am encountering some sort of "Jericho".

Am I compassing the city by faith, or am I, as Achen, one prone to secretly apporpriate what seems to be a treasure, only to hide it in my tent?

How much easier, seemingly, is it to walk by sight versus faith?

Life's Direction

For  far too many of us, our propensity has been toward an "immediate" encounter with God relative to life's directions.

We desire a "burning bush"  or a "Damascus road" experience!

Granted, those were the will of God for those specific individuals!  

But, are they the normative experience for you and me in the age of the New Covenant?

Not hardly, IMHO.

On our part, we rebel against the "mediated" experience!

In the "flesh" we argue, "...if God met with Abraham, immediately...why not with me?..."

Simple enough: we have "...the perfect..." (1 Cor. 13:10).

We have "...the mind of Christ...: (1 Cor. 2:16)

This, then,  ought to be more precious to us than any subjective "experience" (2 Peter 1:16-21).

The "inscripturated word" is objective; though the interpretations are often subjective!

Still, bottom line: God expects us to live on the basis of what has been objectively revealed versus subjectively experienced!

He expects us, as Adult children, to wrestle with The Word

Just as our salvation is grounded in the objective work if Christ, so too is our sanctification to be grounded in His objective revelation.  (John 6:63 and 17:17).

Rather than be children of an Old Covenant, let us grow up as children of The New.


I believe it was John Stott who said:

"...Life is a pilgrimage of learning, a voyage of discovery in which our mistaken views are corrected, our distorted notions adjusted, our shallow opinions deepened, and some of our vast ignorances diminished..."

For the life of me, I have been unable to ascertain the source in the midst of the 1000s on hard copies in my library!

Somehow, my library program was corrupted and I am crippled.


Still, it is an apt metaphor for life!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain: A Novel (Defiance Texas Trilogy)

For certain, I’ll be visiting Defiance TX again!  The ring of true to life circumstances and characters with theology always in the background.  Loved the metaphor of life as a winding path bounded by two deep ditches on either side; one being our full-fisted rebellion and the other our response to someone else’s rebellion!  Only put the book down once!  Bring on volume 2!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sinners In The Hands of An Angry Church

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Church by Dean Merrill, 183p, Zondervan (1997)


Merrill does terrific service in illustrating the manner in which the Evangelical community of the decade of the 90s put confidence in an Old Covenant model of relying on Law to manage society.  The decade since publication only serves to magnify the illustrations!


Without question, Evangelicals appear to have lost confidence in the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16,17) as well as the New Covenant ethical focus on the heart.


The Old Covenant focused on external behavior with centuries of divinely inspired evidence as to the failure of such focus. 


Paul tells us The Law was a schoolmaster in God’s program with Old Covenant Israel with the express purpose of pointing them to Christ (Gal. 3:24).  Now that Christ has come, The Law no longer serves that purpose.


Early in His ministry, Jesus would say, “…but, I say unto you…” (Matt. 5) laying the initial groundwork for the coming New Covenant in which His saints would live lives functioning as illuminators and preservers with a leavening influence, so manifesting the power of the Gospel.


Spurgeon said it best:


 “…To attempt national regeneration without personal regeneration is to dream of erecting a house without separate bricks….” (One Lost Sheep,” No. 2083, MTP 35 (1889), 310.)


“…The practical point is, brothers and sisters, since we want to do good, let us preach up our Lord Jesus Christ as the sovereign balm for every sinner’s wound. If you want to be philanthropists, be Christians. If you would bless your fellow-men with the best of all blessings, convey to them the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Do not believe that there is anything you can do for your children which will be more effectual than teaching them about Jesus. Do not think that anything in the workshop can soften the vulgarities, silence the blasphemies, and end the profanities of your fellow workmen, like setting Jesus Christ before them.… Oh, let us keep on with the subject of Christ crucified! Whatever there is not in our shop window, let us always have Christ as the chief article of our heavenly commerce. Whatever there may lack of grace and beauty in our speech, and our outward appearance, may there be no lack of Jesus Christ, set forth among the sons of men; for “men shall be blessed in him,” and not without him.  (Jesus: ‘All Blessing and All Blest,’” No. 2187, MTP 37 (1891), 92–93.)


The thesis of the book seems best expressed in James’ admonition in James 1:20 “…for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God…”

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Great Eight

Scott Hamilton’s The Great Eight was a pure joy to read.


Two one-liners, alone, are worth the price of the book, if they lodge in one’s psyche:


“…The only true disability is a bad attitude…”.  Immediately a Proverb popped into my mind, “

NIV Proverbs 18:14 A man's spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?


            “…the longest distance between two points is a shortcut…”.


How many of us in life wander along with a bad attitude while casting about for the nearest shortcut only to end up mired in a deeper mess than when we started!


Certainly there are those in life encumbered with greater handicaps than Scott and who triumphed.  But, there are scores of men and women with far lesser burdens, save the burden of the bad attitude and a shortcut mentality.


Take Scott’s advice on these two!


But best of all, to this reviewer, was Scott’s willingness to express the one decision which not only gave meaning to everything else, but enabled him to bring everything into a laser focus: his encounter with the Creator of the Universe in the person of Jesus Christ.


Reflect on Scott’s encounter with the Ruler of all, Jesus of Nazareth!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I laddered my umpteenth Bible this evening rather than listen to the President's news conference.

Far more satisfying, intellectually!

Took me approximately 40 minutes and I could assess my product.

The same cannot be said for O'B's effort.

Smoke, mirrors, and "feel good' seemed to be the order of the evening.

Been there, heard that, still not impressed!

Thank God, my focus is on another Kingdom, another Savior, and another worldview.

Politics, as usual is Promises, Promises, Promises til the audience forgets!

Would to God the gospel of Christ reigned in politics!

Would to God the average citizen would read "The Politics of Obedience"!

One can hope.......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Review

Why Men Hate Going To Church


In the good providence of God, I came across this book while browsing a discount book rack!  (Am always on the lookout for book bargains!)


David Murrow is the author and offers profitable insights.


Having read Ann Douglas’ work back in the 70s, the feminization of our culture has been more than apparent to me, thanks to her insights!


Typically, the church is a day late and a dollar short on most issues, irrespective of the pontifications from her institutions of higher learning!


I have learned the esoteric is always generations behind the pragmatic!


Thankfully, the pragmatic surfaces issues, concerns overlooked, even ignored by the esoteric who seem to be persuaded as to the ignorance of the hoi poloi.  Somehow there is a ring of Acts 4:13 in that mind-set, even John 7:15.


Then, again, in the good providence of God the esoteric have a “Duh” moment, and begin to consider.  Hallelujah.


Though not personally numbered among the esoteric, I am well acquainted with the experience!  Fact is, I have a sloping forehead which I often attribute to the realization of this reality!


Back to Murrow’s observations:


The church has been feminized.


Men are turned off.


Men are from Mars!  Make peace with it!


In our approach to me, we need appeal to their Mars side so as to attract.


Having attracted and retained, we then begin to suggest God also designed the Venus side as a balance.


Yes, in the design of God, women balance, i.e. civilize men; yet, the feminine aspects, IMHO, are part of the DNA of men, though significantly attenuated.  For each of us, male or female, there are two sides to our “coin” of humanity.

I find it significant that Jesus, in the initial phases of His ministry recruited and began to develop young men, probably in their early twenties.  Only years later did He recruit a Paul.

When will we, i. e. church leadership learn to employ, in principle the methodology of Jesus?

He went after Men, while at the same time employing Women.




In military terms, though I am 40+ years since my professional involvement with the Military.

 Men represent what was referred to as the FEBA, i.e. the Forward Edge of the Battle Area.  Men are designed by God to be warriors, risk takers, challengers, etc.


But, and this is what is often forgotten, the FEBA is crippled and rendered ineffective without the support, encouragement of the Supporting Establishment.


This is not to suggest the Supporting establishment is “second class”, heaven forbid!


Without the Support establishment, the FEBA would be wiped out!  Each troop in the FEBA can carry only so much ammo, so much food, etc.!


God has designed the advance of the kingdom to be a Team effort, i.e. Men and Women, with neither in the ascendancy, but each supportive and appreciative of the other!


Hey, isn’t that the hallmark of teamwork?




More later as I continue to mull over Murrow’s observations.


Certainly, some of them irritate the snot out of me, prompting me to ask myself, “Why?”


But, given my personal orientation, bl3t, I am driven to reflection.







Monday, January 26, 2009

In the midst of seeming chaos

Isaiah 26:3


What a word for saints in these times!


What a word for me!


One of my “failings” is in an attempt to keep abreast of what is happening.  ‘Course, the assessments are generally from those of an “alien” worldview, whether Christian or non-Christian.


Such readings tend to discourage, til one is drawn back to Isaiah 26:3.


The prophet was speaking to a demonstrably rebellious nation who, time and time again, ignored and spurned the admonitions of God.


Finally, the hammer fell, and Wow!, did it ever fall!


Still, God was in control effecting all things in accord with His sovereign plan.


And, as the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, “everything is beautiful in his time”.


My problem is looking at this chaos in terms of my ‘time”.  From my “time”, it ain’t so beautiful!


And, aye, there’s the rub!


Isaiah 26:4 tends to re-focus one’s attention.


Chaos?  Humanly speaking, sure.


But, in terms of God’s overall scheme of things, “everything is beautiful in its time”.

As Jesus inquired of Mary, "believest thou this"

To Be Or Not To Be

When I finished Well‘s book The Courage To Be Protestant, I was convinced the overriding thesis of the book was contained in the verb “to be”.


Today’s typical church member, professing believer is primarily concerned with image versus substance.


In the days when I was discipled, the focus was on 1) Know, 2) Be, and then 3) Do.


Know the truth of scripture and apply it to your life so as to


Be the type of person God designed you to be and then allow Him to engineer circumstances in which you can


Do what is the proper manifestation of one living as Salt & Light with a Leavening influence.


Sadly, today’s believing community focuses on Doing, and most often, doing which draws attention to the Do-er, creating an image.


One of these days, Deo Volenti, we will return to the other pattern.







Monday, January 19, 2009

The Courage To Be Protestant

The Courage To Be Protestant.

Started the book this morning. 


Talk about being insightful!


These are the insights which try the Evangelical soul, deep down!


Our initial reaction? 


Ignore it.


Next, we will ridicule it.


Sometime later, we will give serious attention to it and, finally, we will say, “Well, this has always been out thought!”


But, between then and now, the Shamgars within the Evangelical Community will take note and heart!


Thankfully, in the good providence of God, the Shamgars always know when something stinks, irrespective of the ruling mindset! 


They may be “unlearned and ignorant” but, generally they have learned to “correctly handle the word of truth”.


More importantly, they have learned the central issue, yea, the crucial issue is “equipping the saints for the work of ministry”.


The church has never lacked for clergy!  Sigh.


Nor has she lacked for organizational genius.


It has consistently lacked an equipped “insurgent force”!


Forgive me, but I, personally liken an “insurgent force” to the biblical example of “leaven”.


Genius and organization will not will the day.


Leaven (committed and equipped insurgents) will!


Are you a Shamgar?  If not, why not?






Being as one committed to the sovereignty of God in the affairs of men, my daily battle is with present circumstances in the light of His sovereignty.


All around me, the center seems to be unfolding and I want to scream!


But, years of systematic scripture memory continually bring to mind passages relative to God’s control of events and I am forced to face the issue of submission.


Do I really believe this is His World, that He is in control, and all things are working out in accord with His plan?


How I thank God that in His good providence a few good men were instrumental in my life when it came to the practical value of scripture memory!


Little did I realize, then, the untold value this contribution would yield in my later years!


Few are the hours in the day when some passage of scripture doesn’t flash into my conscious mind as it pertains to something I hear, read, or experience, driving me to consider things from God’s perspective!


It is at those moments, I recognize the import of the Apostle Paul’s admonition to “…take every thought captive to Christ…”!


Then I am driven to thank God for the men and women who have taught me personally or through their writings to “correctly handle” the word of truth!


They either taught me directly, or motivated me toward personal Bible study, in a systematic fashion, so as to be able to “correctly handle” the word of truth.


They also taught me to appreciate with a discriminating mind the observations, comments, and writings of every saint who has proceeded me.  I am one who is to stand on the shoulders of others, giving them due credit for their contribution.


In listening to them and to the word of God, I come to realize that “…that which has been, is now, and that which is to be has already been…” , in principle.


There is nothing new under the sun.  Only the cosmetic changes!


The demand upon me is to understand everything principally, and not cosmetically!


Now, THAT is a challenge!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Inauguration Dues

Mein Gott!

How in heaven's name does this new Chief Executive justify the obscene expenditures  of this inaugural?

There will be no change!

Rhetoric will snooker the masses while the Beltway elite enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

Mercy, how this is reminescent of the days of Rome's circuses!

But, someday...

Someday, the Joe the plumber's will wake up and then... 

Time and again, in the good providence of God, a Shamgar is raised up to slay 600 Philistines with an Ox Goad!

Might it be in my lifetime!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Business as usual

Names and faces change on our political landscape, but it continues to be
“business as usual”.

O’Bama trumpeted “Change-We Can”.

We poor folk didn’t inquire as to his meaning of the word change.

As usual, we were captivated by “image”, subject to propaganda, distracted by our disgust with eight years of Dubya, and too lazy to think!

Dubya robbed us of our constitutional anchor, effectively building a police state.

O’Bama will not change what Dubya has wrought.

Instead, he will perfect it, though his rhetoric will dwell on his theme of ”change”.

A rose by any other name

Patrick Henry spoke of the clanking of chains

In our day, because of “change”, it is plastic ties!

Hang onto your hats. This economic meltdown may be only the precursor of the days of abject servitude as serfdom is re-instituted.

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

This is the reality of The State!

Get used to it!



Where are you?

These are the times that try men's souls.


Israel will learn the truth of James 2:13, soon.

Those who sow the wind reap the whirlwind.

Chickens always come home to roost


The Israeli actions against Gaza and Hamas recall to mind Lamech's declaration to his wife!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Growing old is a Beach

I've lived long enough to have tasted, in principle,the experiences of the writer of Ecclesiastes.

At the same time and in the good providence of God, I have learned a few things:

Early in life I was taught government is my friend.

Early in life, I was taught government was concerned for me and my best interests.

Early in life, I was taught government was the servant of the people.

Early in life, I was taught government was subject to the people.

For far too many years, I simply accepted those teachings believing those who challenged them were ignorant, incorrigible, or irremediable.

But, I was wrong. They were right.

Talk about being PO’ed!

The realization was made more bitter when I recalled much of the education came at the hand of Bible believing Christians!

Slowly I came to recognize that though one believes the Bible; such an one can quite easily be ignorant and incorrect when it comes to what the Bible teaches! Duh!

I strongly suspect there are a host of believers who are easily snookered when a “teacher” passionately asserts, “I believe the Bible”. Sadly, the fault lies with us, not the one making the assertion!

Well, I could say more, but…

My current personal battle is learning to “live under the sun”, immediately, while maintaining an “under the heavens” mindset, ultimately.

Maybe, an old dog can learn something, yet!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An Enemy?

An Enemy of the State

What can I say?


My encounter with Murray Rothbard was productive of a much needed paradigm shift.

Not only as it pertained to The State, but as it pertained to my view of The State as an evangelical believer.

Talk about a manifestation of Common Grace! Hallelujah!

Bottom Line: God is Good. His Tender mercies are over all his works.

Murray persuaded me Shamgar was not an anomaly; but a long-term paradigm.

Thank You, Murray!

Odds are, we will meet “on the other side”, and won’t that “frost” a host of folk!

Do I hear a cackle?

An Enemy Of The State

What can I say?


My encounter with Murray Rothbard was productive of a much needed paradigm shift.

Not only as it pertained to The State, but as it pertained to my view of The State as an evangelical believer.

Talk about a manifestation of Common Grace! Hallelujah!

Bottom Line: God is Good. His Tender mercies are over all his works.

Murray persuaded me Shamgar was not an anomaly; but a long-term paradigm.

Thank You, Murray!

Odds are, we will meet “on the other side”, and won’t that “frost” a host of folk!

Do I hear a cackle?

For The Tough Times

For The Tough Times

Here is a little book designed to correctly focus one’s attention during those times designated as “tough”!

The author suggests God has purposefully designed these tough times in our lives to focus our attention on Him.

Almost sounds like to purpose of the author of Ecclesiastes, eh?

It is so true, during the times of ease and comfort we scarcely think of God, in terms of any ultimacy. Certainly, we mouth our “thank you”, Almost as a “throw away”. But, our focus is on the enjoyment of the blessing.

Then, seemingly “out of the blue”, the bottom drops out and our “whys?” surface with cascading frequency. Surely, this circumstance cannot be the will of God for me! The “abundant life” doesn’t entail something like this!

Tough times are sovereignly designed to remind us of our creatureliness and, more importantly, the marvel and wonder of sustaining grace!

These lessons are seldom learned in times of ease. Why? Someone once declared, “…what we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly…”. Such is reality when it comes to grasping the grace of God in troubling times!

The chapter entitled: God Triumphant, reminded me: He IS; I am derivative and designed for His purpose (generally shielded from my understanding!), and said purpose is to produce mercy in me, versus misery!

The chapter of The Bitter Taste of Revenge was such an impactful reminder of the “high cost of getting even”! Yeow!

In the silence, God speaks…yet, how often do I listen? Sadly, in my experience, too infrequently!

This little booklet is a terrific reminder to focus on Paul’s admonition in Col. 3:1-4.

This is a terrific tool to maintain in one’s discipling quiver!