Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Now What?

Shamgar, what do you have to teach us?

Is there anything we can draw form you model?

Well, in my limited understanding let me suggest three things not original with me;

1) Shamger did what he could

2) Shamgar did what he could, where he was

#) Shamger did what he could with what he had.

This is precisely what Caesar fears. He is trapped in Bureaucratic thinking whereas the mindset of "free market folk" stymie him, hence our long-term advantage.

Shamgars: rise up, focus on long-term,fundamental particulars, oriented toward the Glory of God and the lesser minions will quake

Ron Paul and Reality

Thank God, a measure of reality has returned to the political spectrum.

But, for how long?

No longer are voters governed by our version of Pravada or Investia, known as the corporate or government lackeys. Until the statists close down the airways, a venue dedicated to alternative views of reality will plague statists til they are pressed to quelch any and all dissent.

At that point, we are pressed to admit out status as slaves, irrespective of our seeming "freedoms":. One walking in the "yard" seems free, eh?

The Internet has afforded us a measure of access and insight into "wassup".

Soon and IMO, very soon, this access will be submerged under Caesar's boot.

Than, what?

Long Time-No Comment

Wow. Have we not gradually slipped into Tyranny?

Being 70+ years of age, I recall the freedoms I had back in the 40s.

Since then, those more equal than myself have defined and proscribe my "freedoms" such that I am now a Serf.

In the vernacular, Wassup?

When, in God's good providence will a legion of Shamgars rise?

The sooner, the better, since my days have been determined.

Big, Dumb, and Ugly