Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classic Grudem

I have long been a Grudem fan leaning heavily on his Systematic Theology and Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Politics According to the Bible will occupy the opposing side to Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics. Fittingly, I think; for as Wallis is an advocate for the Democrats, Grudem fills the same role for the Rs, even offering more extensive biblical support.

I am personally in agreement with the author’s position regarding the role of the believer in politics and appreciated his handling of the five opposing views regarding the believer’s role. My discomfort with many of his observations and conclusions stems more from his comfortable view of a broad reach for the government in the life of the citizen. At the same time, it seemed to me he gives more attention to the public statements of the political parties as opposed to their actions over the past century or so. Platform statements are for propaganda purposes. What the parties have done is the evidence of what they believe. Seems as if there is a suggestion in scripture toward that end?

When it comes to Economics, I would lean toward trusting those in the Austrian School . Dr. Gary North has an interesting critique of the author’s comments in the area of economics here and here.

As it pertains to Foreign Policy, I could wish the author more familiar with the host of authors on the Anti-War side. I say this as one who took years to come to grips with our Imperialism, beginning with my first encounter with communists doing campus evangelism in the 60s. Sacred Cows die hard.

Still, the book is a great resource; especially the first four chapters, while his treatment of the sixty issues affords a starting point for one's consideration. This book definitely needs to be in the Christian’s library.

I recommend the book along with Chuck Colson’s Kingdom’s In Conflict, Gary DeMarr’s God and Government series, Rushdoony’s Law and Liberty, and Bahnsen’s By This Standard.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

City of Man-centered

All that was absent in my reading was the sound of the National Anthem in the background and the fluttering of the National Ensign.

I concur with the author’s Primer For Christian Persuaders:

1) Maintain self-awareness;
2) maintain spiritual grounding,
3) maintain perspective,
4) maintain community, and
5) maintain a spirit of grace and reconciliation

along with their Three Concluding Propositions:

1) Politics is a realm of necessity,
2) politics is a realm of hope and possibility, and
3) politics can be the realm of nobility.

The sub-title reads: Religion and Politics in a New Era.

Having read the book only once, I still do not recognize that which the authors referred to as “The New Era”?

I came away with the impression the administration the authors served under left little to criticize. (Probably too broad an observation, for sure.) That “their” administration seriously stripped the citizenry of civil liberties, mired us in foreign conflicts which will ultimately make Vietnam pale in comparison, and seriously undermined our economy is lost in their recollection of the “good” which was brought to pass.

Bottom line, for me, was the author’s simplistic suggestion America is becoming more pro-life without clarifying America’s government is ever more committed to a pro-death mind-set! Citing the decline in abortions from 1.6 million to 1.3 million without mentioning the advent and promotion of RU 486 and other abortifacients is somewhat disingenuous and suggesting the partial-birth abortion legislation was an advance when, in fact, the pre-born are still subject to this barbaric reality.

I chose that as illustrative since I personally consider the issue of SOHL (Sanctity of Human Life) to be the point of the cultural wedge. Once that point was yielded, all the cultural horror which has followed was inevitable

Years ago I read a book with the title Everything is Politics, but Politics isn’t Everything.

Believers living in this form of government need to participate and the guidelines offered by the authors are helpful.

Believers also need to remember, Politics will never change hearts and minds: only the gospel will do that.

Believers also need to be vary warty of the intoxicating influence of politics. Given man’s inherent messianic complex, politics affords an avenue to “save” everyone. Woe to the believing man or woman who succumbs to that “siren”!

Believers are called to a leavening influence, individually, and not corporately. A familiarity with Grudem's Politics According to the Bible would be helpful alongside this book.



In nearly 45+ years of intentional personal discipling, this is the first book/tool I have encountered, next to Adler’s How To Read A Book and Gregory’s Seven Laws Of Teaching which is helpful almost beyond measure when it comes to equipping believers for life in The Faith.

For years I taught flying in the military and as a civilian instructor, following this format: What, Why, and How. Not rocket science, by any means.

As I read and re-read Think I kept recognizing: What, Why and How!

Amazing how we stumble over the obvious: God left us a verbal propositional revelation. Words in sentences, paragraphs with the meaning and implications contained therein. The “nuggets of gold” if you will are not scattered on the ground (Proverbs 25:2). Makes one think of Paine’s observation : “…what we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly…”

In the New Covenant, in my opinion, God deals with us as with spiritual adults. Under the Old Covenant, He took Israel by the hand, as one would take an infant. In contrast, under the New Covenant, the law is written on the heart, we are provided with a written revelation and left to “think”!

The author beautifully blends Proverbs 2:1-10 and 2 Tim. 2:7 with the “If-Then” consideration. This is how one educates adults. Children are easily indoctrinated and just as easily fall away, as evidenced in Israel’s history under the Old Covenant. New Covenant believers are to be educated and the history since Pentecost illustrates our understanding of this reality.

Thankfully, God the Spirit is still in the initial stages of His ministry and, in my opinion, His particular movement in the author’s mind and ministry assisting us in this regard is a terrific encouragement.

My “take away” from the author’s effort is in a re-doubling of my effort to make doubly certain the “leaven” I am pleased to influence are doggedly committed to thinking, recognizing the Proverb “,,,as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

Thank you, pastor Piper, and Bethlehem Baptist Church for your joint contribution to the Body!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grabbed By The Title


For starters, the title has us!

People power? Power to the people? Seems as if I heard that in my distant past

Pragmatically, the people lost power even while “honest Abe” was making his Gettysburg peroration.

So much for history.

Without a doubt, the observations of one outside our mileu, dare I say foreign, is to be seriously noted and ruminated upon.


Do not imbibe/embrace the ruminations of the MSM. (I like that, given my 50+ year deleterious exposure to MSM).

Focus on propositional content vs. Image.

Wow ! Words, the ordering of words into a coherent structure has meaning/significance! Interesting.

Refreshing? Yeow!

Thank God for the input from “the other side”!

Talk about needed!

Oh? Christian involvement/participation in politics: not much said.

Bless you, Prof Trueman!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discipler Extraordinaire

The Priesthood of Every Believer is a book which ought to be in the hands of every believer.

Why? Simply because of its simplicity.

Discipleship or the Equipping of every believer IS NOT rocket science.

The Lord gave the initial commission to ordinary men equipped to perform in an extra-ordinary manner.

Granted, in my opinion, they were possessed of extra-ordinary powers limited to that age, but those same powers had nothing to do with discipling/equipping! Disciples are made, not born!

Men and women of every unfolding age are discipled/equipped with Truth and truth is fitted to every unfolding age (aeon-Eph. 2:7 & 3:21).

Undoubtedly, an "immediate" miracle is mind-boggling; but the moral miracle has far more lasting impact!

Granted, in the minds of many, Dawson's approach seems mechanical, and it is. But, this is just the approach applicable to most of humanity. It is only the 15% who chafe at this approach and who, most desperately need just this tool to enable them to minister effectively across the whole scope of humanity.

I, for one, commend Dave Dawson for his willingness to share his experiences and insights relative to Intentional Discipleship. Personally, I have profited from his ministry insights, etc. for the past 40 years.

Thanks, Dave.

As LeRoy used to admonish: DGIWTHH

PS: check out the ministry and materials of ETS-Equipping The Saints

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interesting Devotional

A Year with God R.P. Nettelhorst

Unlike so many devotionals, this one is not laid out in terms of days of the month, but simply numerically.

Another unique feature is the organization around topics: Hope and Fear, Love and Hate, Perseverance and Quitting, Faith and Doubt, Loyalty and Betrayal, Companionship and Isolation, Mercy and Judgment, Forgiveness and Anger, Joy and Sadness, and Peace and Conflict. Each topical segment begins biblically in Genesis and moves through Malachi selecting passages pertinent to the topic.

The author chose to utilize differing translations throughout the topic.

By and large, I found the comments for each day interesting and often quite stimulating, though I would differ with his observation on the rainbow's original appearance. The take on Ham’s sin was interesting, as well. You will need to purchase or borrow the book to see what he says!

I wondered why the author did not seek to explicate the place of Jesus more directly in his devotional development, given Jesus’ remarks in Luke 24:27.

Maybe the author is leaving that for his next edition?

I would recommend this book.

I received this book as part of the publisher’s blogger review program (BookSneeze).