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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin

Thinking About George Carlin

I have to agree with Butler Shaffer, George was a “stand up Philosopher”. Though he was raunchy, it wasn’t a use of four letter words to personally demean, but rather to gain attention and to ridicule. I seem to recall a comment of Aristotle’s where he said if something is ridiculous, it ought to be ridiculed.

Well, our government long ago entered the realm of the ridiculous. Designed to be a representative republic, it has become a radical democracy where the “majority” tyrannizes the “minority”. Where our representatives become thieves under the guise of “public service”! Where the government works with three objectives: 1) protect itself, 2) increase its power, and 3) dumb down the citizenry via illusion of participation, i.e. “voting”!

George Carlin, bless his heart, spewed ridicule at this illusion. I can well imagine, the “system” did not appreciate his observations or his influence.

How I wish there were a believer on the scene capable of exercising the same impact, via humor, and sans raunch. My suspicion being this model would serve to grab the attention of this next generation, educate them from a biblical point of view without openly banging on the Bible, and thereby raise up a new generation of potential Shamgars!

Without question, the Bible is key to truth; but, our objective is first to arrest their submission to idiot ideas, then educate them.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

“Here’s to you, George. You remind me of Smedley!”


Ryan said...

Just be careful my brother. I don't want to hear that you disappeared.

Loved Smedley To Hell with War.

It is amazing that the Blackwater contractors are making so much more money than our armed forces for the same work.

As far as a candidate we should pray for a conversion for Ron Paul.

Eric said...

Just because a man's going to spend eternity in Hell doesn't mean he still can't have impact here. God has a sense of humor as well.

Anonymous said...

I know you will like this one.


Eric said...

Just caught this one on Gary North's blog:

Algore, meet your nemesis.