Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, June 9, 2008

Shifting Population

Tomorrow I will attend the Memorial Service of a former co-laborer in The Navigators.

This year has seen two of these brothers in the faith (John Ed Robertson and Harvey Oslund) migrate to the land where we will, to a large degree, walk by sight.

Their passing is a strong reminder our tenure on this side of the veil is only temporary and preparatory. Both men loved and served their Saviour with an admirable passion and could testify with the Apostle Paul: they fought a good fight, they finished their course, they kept the faith!

Bless their memory and impact on my life!


Kim McCauley said...

Thanks for mentioning Harvey Oslund's homegoing in your blog. John Ed's death last year was a shock and still hard for me to absorb. This spring we've also lost a couple other longtime Nav staff, Francis Cosgrove and Roy Robertson. I can send you more information on those if you're interested.

I'm planning to post a memorial web page in honor of Harv on the Navs home site. Would you like to contribute to that? If so, you can either post here or e-mail me some comments on your memories of Harv and how he impacted your life. I'd love to include you as we honor his life and ministry.

Kim at Nav HQ

Bob Lewis said...

Thanks, Kim.

Harv and I were colaborers for a number of years. I followed him in his ministry at MCAS Cherry Point by probably 6 years. It was at MCAS Cherry Point that Skip Gray, Ron York, and Paul Drake recruited me out of the Corps and into the Nav Orbit! Prior to that, Harv had ministered to some folk, one of whom turned out to be the Sunday School teacher who embarrassed me into scripture memory via the BWC. That led to my obtaining the SCL's and contact with Larry Blake and Percy Crecilius. The rest is history, but, in large measure, it began with Harv.

Praise the Lord!