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Pearcey Report

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Been Thinking

Been Thinking

What would “church” be like if saints were allowed to “…grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ…” in an arena of acceptance versus one of “indoctrination”?

For certain, it would be uncomfortable for the “leadership”!

Leadership is a “snap” when everyone is “…on the same page…”, and a “…pain in the rava…” (as my grandma used to say), when they are not.

But, pray tell, how are we to enable an individual saint to be “…fully persuaded in their own mind…” if we confine their thinking and/or restrict their intellectual explorations, biblically?

If, in the thought of a previous post, we provide/restrict the "box" in which they think?

IMHO, it is somewhat easier to raise up “indoctrinated clones” than what I might refer to as legitimate saints/disciples.

The latter requires management, whereas the former would appear to require leadership?

Nuff said

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