Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blew My Socks Off!

What An Evening!

Our devious children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, along with a host of associates around the USA, completely surprised us with a 50th anniversary celebration!

I am amazed they were able to keep it secret considering the number of months and individuals involved.

Those responsible ought to be employed by our US Intelligence agencies!

It was an evening to remember, for certain.

My former associate from the Sanctity of Life days, Fr. John Mc Fadden, with whom I shared a cell on a number of occasions opened with comments and prayer, and warmed my heart with his love for Christ.

The range of folk present for the evening spanned our years from USMC, The Navigators, Seminary, First Baptist, Newtown Square, National Fulfillment Services, Prison Fellowship, and Christ Community Church. Mercy!

The email comments form folk with whom we were privileged to minister were humbling and encouraging, and brought back such a host of warm memories.

Following the email readings, effected by our children and grandchildren, my brother in the faith and co-laborer in the kingdom of Christ, Mike McHugh, delivered some closing observations. (Bye the bye, he was one of the co-conspirators!)

What a reminder of God’s providential involvement in our lives!

Jan and I want to express our most heartfelt appreciation for the labor expended by those who brought this to pass! What a terrific operation! We are duly impressed!

The evening was a gracious reminder of the goodness of God we have been privileged to experience!


Truly, our cup runneth over


Frank Chiapperino said...

I am glad it went well friend. Congrats! I wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to learn that the 50th anniversary celebration was such a success. I just wish we could've been there for the party. You and Jan do have some wonderful, devious, children and friends. Thanks for blogging -- I found this only last week. Douglas (dd, to you)

Anonymous said...

that is great!!! You guys deserve it!! Your a great example for all of us..Is there a transcript?


Dan Nelson said...

I'm truly blessed to have a wonder Aunt & Uncle who celebrated 50 years of marriage. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you again. God truly does work in marvelous ways!!