Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, September 1, 2008

Been Reflecting

Over 40+ years ago, we left an eleven career in the USMC to serve Christ in the context of The Navigators, little knowing what such a step entailed!

For my part, I was captivated by the vision of Dawson Trotman, as lived out in the lives of the men I had encountered following my restoration to fellowship with Christ!

Each of these men, Percy Crecelius, Ron York, Skip Gray, and Paul Drake reminded me of the individual who had led me to Christ and who, more than any other man, marked me in terms of Intentional Discipleship, Jim Larsen.

To this day, I am, for better or worse, the “spitting image” of Jim Larsen in terms of my commitment to Christ, His word, my wife, my family, and those who seek to follow Christ. For certain, I will rise up and call his name blessed on any and every occasion!

But, reflecting on the comments of those having part in our recent 50th anniversary celebration, I am overwhelmed thinking of the contribution to our lives and walk with Christ, on the part of all those with whom we were privileged to co-labor. What a blessing!

Each of the aforementioned men “stamped” me, indelibly, and their “stamp” has both kept me and motivated me through these ensuing years!

The memory of these men has served me, as those whom I believe, would embody A motto of either the The French Army or The Foreign Legion on my behalf:

“If I falter, push me on!

If I stumble, pick me up!

If I retreat, shoot me!”

Had we not left the USMC, I doubt I would have encountered this type of fellowship and commitment.

Having left the Corps, in ’66, in the spirit of Abraham, our lives have been enriched beyond measure!

Psalm 84:11 rejoices the heart!

Fifty more to go!

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