Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

By The Numbers!

Discipling: by the numbers

Back in the days when I enlisted in the Nations Finest, we were taught close order drill ‘…by the numbers..’

That is, every step was pre-determined, laid out, and we followed it by rigid rote!

At the time, and to a man, we thought it a pain in the @&&! But, after six weeks of disciplined practice and adherence, you would have thought we were a well-oiled machine!

When we began, we didn’t understand

When we finished, we understood.

Such are the basics of Intentional Discipleship.

IMHO, this illustrates the arena of failure in the local church. She focuses on the product, versus the process, forgetting it is the process which produces the product!



Eric said...

Yes, but no one gets so worked up and excited about milk as a 3 month old infant. Who better to share the joy of milk?

Of course, their other end needs to be artificially contained.

Marc said...

Someone known to this blog said you cannot expect much real change in the life of anyone you are discipling over the age of 25. That was some time ago! Now we are bemoaning changing churches full of older saints?