Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, September 29, 2008

Paradigm Shift?

So, how about a differing perspective?

For some time now, I have been troubled by the classic view/perspective on Judges 17:6 and 21:25.

Everyone assumes “anarchy” to be detrimental to the “…body politic…’


On the side of those who argue from scripture, the assumption is, the “Stain of Adam” presupposes “chaos”.

At the same time, one might argue from scripture the impact of Romans 2:14, 15 and John 1:9 in terms of the created order.

God is not the author of confusion. (1 Cor. 14:33)

Irrespective of “Adam’s Stain”, it seems to me, God has organized His creation to function orderly, even in the face of Adam!

Might it not be possible God’s plan is NOT for some sort of “communism” but rather an environment whereby biblically informed, individual righteousness is manifest in the social construct?

Recent manifestations within the life of CCV suggest such impact.

nuff said

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