Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Saturday, September 13, 2008

To All Good "Samaritans"

Time for action on the part of a “neighbor”.

A good friend of mine posted the following in his blog:

Something awful is happening to a family from our church! Lifelong Perkiomen residents Jim and Sue Umstead (14 Wartman, Collegeville) are being forced to sell their family’s farmhouse on 9.8 acres. Another 1.1 acre property near it sold for $130,000! Their property is worth at least $700,000! They are being unethically FORCED to take a tiny fraction of that! Are we going to stand by and allow our Township Supervisors STEAL our neighbor’s home and land and put our children in harm’s way? Mr. Umstead is fighting brain cancer! After the last township meeting he was so distraught he had a seizure! We must stand up and fight for them! All they want is to keep our schools safe from strangers wandering from the trail onto school property! All they ever wanted was to keep their property for open space for their horses, their grandchildren and all their township friends to enjoy!

To learn how you can help visit this website -

Eminent domain has long been a club for "government", read: those few parties with vested interests and access to "...the powers that be..."

Sometimes, "we", the people can exercise the "powers" which supposedly reside with us.

I might this be just such an occasion?!

Power to the people

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