Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

Almost 40 years ago, I would intentionally "wander" through the Student Pilot Housing area at Randolph Air Force Base inviting men into a study of the Bible.

Most would encourage me to "move on", but generally, in the good providence of God, each week three to four men would respond positively.

The session were designed to last 50 minutes,focused on the gospel of John or similar material, and run for 3-4 weeks. During that time, the gospel would be communicated in a manner designed to " the needs of each one..." involved.

It was not unusual to see at least one individual in each group make a profession of faith. For those who did, we would then begin the process of following them up and assisting them in their growth in the faith.

Many subsequently left for Vietnam and our contact would be lost.

Imagine my surprise when, 15 minutes ago, I get a phone call from one of those very men. In the course of our conversation, he remarked about answering the knock on his door that evening and responding positively to my invitation!

He was one of those who did make a profession of faith and has faithfully followed Christ all these years through Vietnam, years as a pilot with American Airlines, etc.

What a pleasant surprise!

Praise the Lord