Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, December 1, 2008

Process vs Product

It is my contention evangelicalism has lost sight of the value of process in Intentional Discipling.

How so?

Given the proclivity of Western Christianity to programs and efficiency, we have opted to in attempt to “mass produce” disciples via our awesome programs.

If you doubt the awesomeness of these programs, simply visit the plethora of websites devoted to discipleship,

It is staggering.

Instead of being “person” centered, we are “program” centered.

Once we entertain that idea, we lose sight of the biblical teaching of the uniqueness of each individual.

Once we entertain the idea the individual is part of a program to be managed, not someone unique, to be personally ministered to, we lose sight of the individual.

Discipleship, or to use a New Covenant term, equipping the saint, is a life on life process.

It is a mutually accountable relationship where disciple and discipler are committed to one another and God in a life on life experience.

Neither is committed to an agenda, save for adherence to The Faith.

Each is eager to please God and advance The Kingdom. Neither seeks to manipulate the other into a particular mold; but each is confident on God the Spirit and His particular plane which is discovered to them in the process!

THIS is the Joy of New Covenant Equipping.

Sadly, IMHO, this is what has been lost over the past few centuries.

As a result, we have raised up generations of Clones who continue to perpetuate the same old headaches.

To get out of the current malaise, we need to return to our First love and His objective: disciple/equip individuals.


Sign Sign Everywhere A Sign said...

Have you seen "Emergent Village"? They have created a network of "cohorts" I believe that this is a post-post-modern, pragmatic approach to discipleship.

For some reason, sharing analog voice seems to work for me. The digital domain is our current paradigm, but much gets lost in the non-verbal.

Anonymous said...

How true Bob. Unfortunately with Christianity becoming business, it causes people to "programize" their teachings in order to package and sell. Keep up the good work.

Steve Lybrand