Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Word of Promise-Next Generation CD


Terrific tool!

Loved it!

While listening, I found nothing distracting, neither the actors/readers nor the music. It all seemed to flow naturally!

I especially appreciated the introductory segments! Though I may personally disagree with certain aspects, the whole was well presented and whet one’s appetite to continue.

Candidly, the reading of the text and introductions to each text is the best part.

The supplemental DVD comments tend toward confusion.

My hope is the purchasers will listen first before watching the DVD.

While I readily acknowledge the NexGen is more aurally and visually oriented, one must still contend with the fact God left his revelation in a written format. My opinion is, He expects His saints to read and think.

Listening to the Word spoken is legitimate; but, even so, one must acknowledge the bias of the speaker.

Therefore, it behooves one to read!

In fact, the written Word is far, yea, far more important than personal testimony, etc.

Hopefully, this medium will whet the appetite to read the text of scripture.

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