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Pearcey Report

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Review

Why Men Hate Going To Church


In the good providence of God, I came across this book while browsing a discount book rack!  (Am always on the lookout for book bargains!)


David Murrow is the author and offers profitable insights.


Having read Ann Douglas’ work back in the 70s, the feminization of our culture has been more than apparent to me, thanks to her insights!


Typically, the church is a day late and a dollar short on most issues, irrespective of the pontifications from her institutions of higher learning!


I have learned the esoteric is always generations behind the pragmatic!


Thankfully, the pragmatic surfaces issues, concerns overlooked, even ignored by the esoteric who seem to be persuaded as to the ignorance of the hoi poloi.  Somehow there is a ring of Acts 4:13 in that mind-set, even John 7:15.


Then, again, in the good providence of God the esoteric have a “Duh” moment, and begin to consider.  Hallelujah.


Though not personally numbered among the esoteric, I am well acquainted with the experience!  Fact is, I have a sloping forehead which I often attribute to the realization of this reality!


Back to Murrow’s observations:


The church has been feminized.


Men are turned off.


Men are from Mars!  Make peace with it!


In our approach to me, we need appeal to their Mars side so as to attract.


Having attracted and retained, we then begin to suggest God also designed the Venus side as a balance.


Yes, in the design of God, women balance, i.e. civilize men; yet, the feminine aspects, IMHO, are part of the DNA of men, though significantly attenuated.  For each of us, male or female, there are two sides to our “coin” of humanity.

I find it significant that Jesus, in the initial phases of His ministry recruited and began to develop young men, probably in their early twenties.  Only years later did He recruit a Paul.

When will we, i. e. church leadership learn to employ, in principle the methodology of Jesus?

He went after Men, while at the same time employing Women.




In military terms, though I am 40+ years since my professional involvement with the Military.

 Men represent what was referred to as the FEBA, i.e. the Forward Edge of the Battle Area.  Men are designed by God to be warriors, risk takers, challengers, etc.


But, and this is what is often forgotten, the FEBA is crippled and rendered ineffective without the support, encouragement of the Supporting Establishment.


This is not to suggest the Supporting establishment is “second class”, heaven forbid!


Without the Support establishment, the FEBA would be wiped out!  Each troop in the FEBA can carry only so much ammo, so much food, etc.!


God has designed the advance of the kingdom to be a Team effort, i.e. Men and Women, with neither in the ascendancy, but each supportive and appreciative of the other!


Hey, isn’t that the hallmark of teamwork?




More later as I continue to mull over Murrow’s observations.


Certainly, some of them irritate the snot out of me, prompting me to ask myself, “Why?”


But, given my personal orientation, bl3t, I am driven to reflection.







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