Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, January 12, 2009

Growing old is a Beach

I've lived long enough to have tasted, in principle,the experiences of the writer of Ecclesiastes.

At the same time and in the good providence of God, I have learned a few things:

Early in life I was taught government is my friend.

Early in life, I was taught government was concerned for me and my best interests.

Early in life, I was taught government was the servant of the people.

Early in life, I was taught government was subject to the people.

For far too many years, I simply accepted those teachings believing those who challenged them were ignorant, incorrigible, or irremediable.

But, I was wrong. They were right.

Talk about being PO’ed!

The realization was made more bitter when I recalled much of the education came at the hand of Bible believing Christians!

Slowly I came to recognize that though one believes the Bible; such an one can quite easily be ignorant and incorrect when it comes to what the Bible teaches! Duh!

I strongly suspect there are a host of believers who are easily snookered when a “teacher” passionately asserts, “I believe the Bible”. Sadly, the fault lies with us, not the one making the assertion!

Well, I could say more, but…

My current personal battle is learning to “live under the sun”, immediately, while maintaining an “under the heavens” mindset, ultimately.

Maybe, an old dog can learn something, yet!

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