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Pearcey Report

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For The Tough Times

For The Tough Times

Here is a little book designed to correctly focus one’s attention during those times designated as “tough”!

The author suggests God has purposefully designed these tough times in our lives to focus our attention on Him.

Almost sounds like to purpose of the author of Ecclesiastes, eh?

It is so true, during the times of ease and comfort we scarcely think of God, in terms of any ultimacy. Certainly, we mouth our “thank you”, Almost as a “throw away”. But, our focus is on the enjoyment of the blessing.

Then, seemingly “out of the blue”, the bottom drops out and our “whys?” surface with cascading frequency. Surely, this circumstance cannot be the will of God for me! The “abundant life” doesn’t entail something like this!

Tough times are sovereignly designed to remind us of our creatureliness and, more importantly, the marvel and wonder of sustaining grace!

These lessons are seldom learned in times of ease. Why? Someone once declared, “…what we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly…”. Such is reality when it comes to grasping the grace of God in troubling times!

The chapter entitled: God Triumphant, reminded me: He IS; I am derivative and designed for His purpose (generally shielded from my understanding!), and said purpose is to produce mercy in me, versus misery!

The chapter of The Bitter Taste of Revenge was such an impactful reminder of the “high cost of getting even”! Yeow!

In the silence, God speaks…yet, how often do I listen? Sadly, in my experience, too infrequently!

This little booklet is a terrific reminder to focus on Paul’s admonition in Col. 3:1-4.

This is a terrific tool to maintain in one’s discipling quiver!

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