Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Covenant Thoughts

A New Covenant Perspective.

For quite some time, now, I have been wrestling with my understanding of The New Covenant.

For some. The New Covenant is reserved for Israel, later.

For some, it is the Old Covenant under a new administration.

For others, it is New, but….?

As I have wrestled with the issue, it seems to me the Old Covenant represented God’s dealing with “infants”, whereas the New represents His relationship with spiritual adults.

Under the Old Covenant, God dealt with His people via detailed and explicit rules.

Under the New, God deals with us as Adults: few rules and ample latitude.

Just as Jesus said in The Sermon on the Mount, “…but, I say unto you…”, so too in the New Covenant does the Lord Jesus raise the bar of conduct so as to address “attitude” vs conduct: the heart vs. the external behavior.

Somehow, IMHO, the New Covenant is the ideal arena in which the saints, living as Salt and Light, can have a Leavening influence.

The Lord Jesus does not describe for us what the “loaf” will look like, having been “leavened”!

He only assures us, the lump will be leavened!

On our part, we earnestly desire to describe/prescribe what the loaf will look like!

On His part, he only assures us the lump will be leavened!

And all glory will accrue to Him!


‘Nuff said

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Frank Erb said...

I've been teaching on legalism and the role of the law. I like the way you say this Bob.