Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theology & Politics

Theology-crippling or freeing!

As one who has traversed the theological landscape from Classical Arminianism to Classical Reformed over the past 50+ years I consider myself as one informed, though, by no means, an expert/authority.

After close on to 50+ years of evangelical reading/thinking I find myself further removed than my position in 1964!

Where, at the moment, does that leave me?

In left field, our outside the ballpark?

The latter position is my bottom-line supposition.

While, at the moment, historically, I can appreciate the advances of The Church, my suspicion is, we have lost the bubble.

Today, we are more closely aligned with corporate America than the suggestions within the Bible.


Biblical Anarchy?

The two poles!

The former, IMHO, represents the plan of God for spiritual infants.

The latter for biblically informed and equipped NC believers

I can hear the disclaimers…it won’t work, etc.

Well, irrespective of one’s theological perspective…

It may well work….

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