Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crooked Sticks

One of the many faceted ways in which the Creator God confounds saints and sinners alike is the manner in which He effects His purposes.

In retrospect we discern He has been writing with “crooked sticks”.

Whenever we begin to suspect this, we respond as the prophet Habakkuk in Hab. 1:13…”thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil…”

Let me share my outline of the Minor prophet Habakkuk: Chapter 1-NO! Chapter 2-OH! Chapter 3-AH!

Poor Habakkuk.

He forgot God operated outside the prophet’s frame of reference.

What was evil for the prophet was not evil for the Creator God. (do you presume to hold God to a standard?

Forgive the analogy…but every time I found it necessary to physically discipline one of our children I suspected they thought it “evil”. Years later, they generally recognized it as “good”. Just as David in Psalm 119:71 & 75.

Crooked Sticks abound today!

‘Course, they have always abounded throughout history.

This is the manner of God’s working with a fallen race! At the moment, we are experiencing a close proximity to what God “experiences”, i.e. almost instantaneous awareness of current events! YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The experience is almost overwhelming…frustrating…confusing.

Add to that the modus operandi of Government in terms of propaganda and confusion and the effect multiplies exponentially.

Whither shall one turn? Who does one trust?

Isaiah advised us and did the Apostle Paul.

Thank God for the doctrine of His Sovereignty

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