Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thank God For the Whistleblowers

Is it plausible a manifestation of the Common Grace of God in our time is the presence and conduct of governmental Whistleblowers?

Personally, I think so!

To me, each of these whistleblowers manifests the Shamgar spirit.

They are part and parcel of what A J Nock referred to as The Remnant.

Thank God such men and women exist, for their very presence or potential presence puts the fear of God in the psyche of those within Government.

We are all familiar with Lord Acton’s comment “Power tends to corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. We tend to assign this phenomenon to the larger entity, but it most certainly applies to someone in every governmental level.

Who among us hasn’t been treated as a serf by some local bureaucrat? The bureaucrat hides behind the euphemism of “public servant” when, in point of fact they rapidly become petty tyrants.

What do they fear, at all levels of “public service”?

Why, the Whistleblower!


God, in His infinite goodness, insures there is one or more Shamgars at every level. Men and women possessed with clarity of thought and vision, coupled with a sensitive conscience and who finally say, “Enough is enough” and blow the whistle.

The “systems’ “ response? Ignore them. Ridicule and stigmatize them, circle the wagons and fight them, attempting to bludgeon them into submission. Failing in the latter, they kill them. Eric Hoffer let us know this is the only effective means of dealing with a “True Believer”.

So, for my part, I thank God for the whistleblower, adding him or her to my personal prayer list and pray that, if I am ever faced with a similar decision I would not draw back!

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Anonymous said...

Well thank you for writing! I have taken many notes for future reference .Also found similar responses in family relations as truth is brought to a system of human nature as well? Reading up on a few Shamgars , Anne Askew for one. THE RACK! & THE STAKE!
God bless ! Lisa Geraghty