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Pearcey Report

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Classic Grudem

I have long been a Grudem fan leaning heavily on his Systematic Theology and Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Politics According to the Bible will occupy the opposing side to Jim Wallis’ God’s Politics. Fittingly, I think; for as Wallis is an advocate for the Democrats, Grudem fills the same role for the Rs, even offering more extensive biblical support.

I am personally in agreement with the author’s position regarding the role of the believer in politics and appreciated his handling of the five opposing views regarding the believer’s role. My discomfort with many of his observations and conclusions stems more from his comfortable view of a broad reach for the government in the life of the citizen. At the same time, it seemed to me he gives more attention to the public statements of the political parties as opposed to their actions over the past century or so. Platform statements are for propaganda purposes. What the parties have done is the evidence of what they believe. Seems as if there is a suggestion in scripture toward that end?

When it comes to Economics, I would lean toward trusting those in the Austrian School . Dr. Gary North has an interesting critique of the author’s comments in the area of economics here and here.

As it pertains to Foreign Policy, I could wish the author more familiar with the host of authors on the Anti-War side. I say this as one who took years to come to grips with our Imperialism, beginning with my first encounter with communists doing campus evangelism in the 60s. Sacred Cows die hard.

Still, the book is a great resource; especially the first four chapters, while his treatment of the sixty issues affords a starting point for one's consideration. This book definitely needs to be in the Christian’s library.

I recommend the book along with Chuck Colson’s Kingdom’s In Conflict, Gary DeMarr’s God and Government series, Rushdoony’s Law and Liberty, and Bahnsen’s By This Standard.

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From McHugh

His observation that Satan's lie about controlling the world was insightful.

God says Satan always lies