Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discipler Extraordinaire

The Priesthood of Every Believer is a book which ought to be in the hands of every believer.

Why? Simply because of its simplicity.

Discipleship or the Equipping of every believer IS NOT rocket science.

The Lord gave the initial commission to ordinary men equipped to perform in an extra-ordinary manner.

Granted, in my opinion, they were possessed of extra-ordinary powers limited to that age, but those same powers had nothing to do with discipling/equipping! Disciples are made, not born!

Men and women of every unfolding age are discipled/equipped with Truth and truth is fitted to every unfolding age (aeon-Eph. 2:7 & 3:21).

Undoubtedly, an "immediate" miracle is mind-boggling; but the moral miracle has far more lasting impact!

Granted, in the minds of many, Dawson's approach seems mechanical, and it is. But, this is just the approach applicable to most of humanity. It is only the 15% who chafe at this approach and who, most desperately need just this tool to enable them to minister effectively across the whole scope of humanity.

I, for one, commend Dave Dawson for his willingness to share his experiences and insights relative to Intentional Discipleship. Personally, I have profited from his ministry insights, etc. for the past 40 years.

Thanks, Dave.

As LeRoy used to admonish: DGIWTHH

PS: check out the ministry and materials of ETS-Equipping The Saints

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