Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grabbed By The Title


For starters, the title has us!

People power? Power to the people? Seems as if I heard that in my distant past

Pragmatically, the people lost power even while “honest Abe” was making his Gettysburg peroration.

So much for history.

Without a doubt, the observations of one outside our mileu, dare I say foreign, is to be seriously noted and ruminated upon.


Do not imbibe/embrace the ruminations of the MSM. (I like that, given my 50+ year deleterious exposure to MSM).

Focus on propositional content vs. Image.

Wow ! Words, the ordering of words into a coherent structure has meaning/significance! Interesting.

Refreshing? Yeow!

Thank God for the input from “the other side”!

Talk about needed!

Oh? Christian involvement/participation in politics: not much said.

Bless you, Prof Trueman!

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