Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Was I in The restroom?

Help me understand!

When did non-negotiables become negotiable?

Was I out to lunch or in the restroom when this decision was made?

Seems to me, non-negotiables represent “the point of the wedge”.

Once the point of the wedge is introduced into the issue, and allowed to stand, the issue is lost.

It is at this point where our politicians snooker us!

They suggest compromise as the be all and end all of politics.

Don’t they say the art of politics is compromise?

But, non-negotiables are just that: non-negotiable!

As soon as we begin to negotiate, we have lost!

Whenever your politician says to you, “…I agree in principle, BUT…”

Know, immediately, you are in the presence of one committed to “…the many…” at the expense of “…the one…’

The one who gets “screwed” is YOU. And your neighbor!

Jesus said, “…render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s…”

I find it instructive He did not delineate the things within Caesar’s purview.

Instead, He left it to you and me to determine.

Caesar’s always want you and me to think they have a divine mandate and listing of thing which are theirs.

But, the listing is to come from us; not from the Caesar!

And here is where we fall down. We are so damn lazy!

We run from the obligation of holding Caesar’s feet to the fire daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Instead, we seek to take refuge in the idea that The State is ordained of God, sent down from heaven, and to which we blindly submit.

Small wonder we are in the current fix!

Prov. 22:3

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