Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christian Anarchy

Recently, I came across the writings of Vernard Eller in the context of researching Home Churches.

As I perused the web site for Home Church Central I discovered the archive of his writings. In so doing, I also discovered my purchase of his Christian Anarchy back in ’88. Back then, I only worked my way through Chapter 1 and, being grossly mistaken in my understanding of Anarchy, lost interest and book marked my last read!


Over the past 20+ years, I have come to embrace the “Minarchist” position, politically, wrestling with how it comports with The Faith.

Though I may be premature, my initial take is, The Faith, politically and religiously, is anarchist and therein lays its power and influence!

Eller speaks of the various “arkys”, i.e. powers, be they political or religious. Each seeks to utilize “imposition” versus persuasion!

“Imposition’ via indoctrination: i.e. “Oath of Allegiance”; Pledge of Allegiance; “obey the State”, etc. In the church, we see the same pressure via Statements of Faith, membership commitments, etc., all of which arte far more explicit than the NT.

Mercy, how that smacks of POWER, i.e. imposition. And we all know the impact of POWER, be it political or religious.

Anyway, at the moment my focus is: how does one develop a New Covenant Shamgar?

What is the new Covenant “ox goad”?


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