Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Can you say “tool”?

I doubt it.

Too many are wont to say or think “saviour”, in small case “s”.

But, President-electOBama, and every other self appointed political “saviour” is just that, self appointed.

Seems to me, since Adam, every driven individual on the political scene is a “saviour”. He or she is convinced their solution is the one which will usher us into “nirvana”, finally!

We, like sheep, believe them!


The Saviour manifested Himself and completed His task over 2 millennial ago!

Nothing remains to be done, in terms of individual salvation!

But, in terms of societal salvation: mercy, how much remains to be done!

And to think that He, the sovereign God of Creation has left it in our hands to work out-good grief! Can you believe it?

OBama is only this generation’s tool.

He may well be a subtle tyrant.

He may be less than that.


You’re obligation and mine is to function, in terms of the New Covenant, as Shamgar of old!

Are you up to it?

I wonder…

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