Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Friday, November 28, 2008

Stimulating Read

Just read Holding Fast.

This is a gripping tale of the triumph in the midst of and over the tragedy told by one who experienced the sustaining power of grace throughout.

It is the story of Karen James

As one reads, he or she begins to feel as if actually present, feeling the anxiety, anticipating the next call, grappling with issues of The Faith albeit in a relatively shallow manner.

The story has so many threads one may persue…

One may revel in the excitement, spirit of daring and measured risk-taking of Kelly James, without such men and women would we have ventured to the Moon or across Australia’s outback? Yet, there are three kids who will continue to venture into their lives without the presence of a Dad, not to neglect Karen herself!

As a believer, these are the very tensions designed by our Sovereign God to be wrestled with during our tenure under the New Covenant.

By no means do I want to cast a shadow on Kelly’s actions/passion; other than to note he is not an exemplar!

Karen’s record is not meant to be a theological treatise. It is an anecdotal testimony of her perception of sustaining grace.

But, again though she is not an exemplar, she is without a doubt to be commended for her fidelity during the trial.

At the same time, one is moved to thank God for the fellowship of the saints in her experience!

Being an ENFJ, I admit to using up a few tissues during the read. But following every resort to tissues, I would have to put the book down and ask myself, aside from my physiological/subjective response, what of theological substance is being presented?

My answer: very little.

Do I, would I recommend the book? Certainly. Every believer’s testimony has value and this is Karen’s.

She is to be commended for sharing with us.

My thanks to her.

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Unknown said...

We need many more book review posts. This was great.