Pearcey Report

Pearcey Report

Monday, November 17, 2008


Have you ever watched the conduct of fish in a bowl?

As you observed them, did you wonder if they thought themselves to be free?

Did you wonder “do they know what water is”, while they are observing your “antics”?


They are content in their environment and any thought as to the environment never enters their mind, til you jerk them out!

Similarly, I wonder, do we ever really acknowledge our status as creatures til we are “jerked out of our environment”?


We intuitively believe we are in control of everything til we are “…jerked out…”.

We believe, as the serpent suggested in the beginning, “…you will be as gods, determining…”

Such “jerking out” may come with the birth of a child with massive birth defects; it may come as a spousal defection; it may come when you, in contra-distinction to all you have been taught “play the fool”, or in those situations when you are a “victim” of circumstances.

Whatever the circumstance, it is apparent to you, “I am NOT in control!”

Frightening, eh?

At such times, one is well advised to utter, as Mary did, “…be it unto me…”.

IMHO, real spiritual growth does not begin til one acknowledges “creatureliness”!

Til then, it seems to be a competition between supposed deities!

How’s that for a manifestation of Eph. 3?

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Unknown said...

Exactly. It's like making a Venn diagram, one circle of which, is that which is under God's sovereign control. How big is the circle? And what lies outside it?